Foreign restaurant training

Our association accepts trainees from the foreign training program sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries .

You can receive a visa to stay in Japan, travel expenses, fixed training fees, meals during training , etc.

Training consists in approximately 8 months of training (stayed in Japan) as part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Japanese food promotion project

1st month Attend Japanese language school in Tokyo
2nd month Attend a cooking school in Kyoto
3rd month to 6th month Restaurant training

Upon completion of the training, there will be a Japanese food chef certification exam in Kyoto.

The highest level of certification for this period is a silver medal.

Our Association Accepted Students


Canceled due to the influence of the Covid-19 virus

Wing Kin Samuel Cheng

Participating from Hong Kong. Currently active in Hong Kong.

Willian Hideki

Participating from Brazil. Currently running a takeout shop in Sao Paulo.

Amano Celso Hideji

Participating from Brazil. After obtaining a visa, he is currently working as a staff member at a famous Japanese sushi restaurant.

Toshi Kawanami

Participating from Brazil. Executive chef of Kinoshita, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

WSSI Restaurant Training System

  • Must be a person who has been in the cooking business for 3 years or more.

    Inexperienced/beginners will not be accepted.

  • Those whose nationality is other than Japan and who wish to undergo training.

  • The training period must be within 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months.

    Applicants who wish to stay for a long period of time will be allowed to come to Japan again.

  • training cost

    1 month ¥250,000 / 2 months ¥350,000 / 3 months ¥450,000Includes
    sushi knowledge certification system training and participation fees.
    For lodging, those who wish can use the association’s facilities free of charge.

    During the period, he will provide guidance that will help you master KUROOBI techniques, depending on your skill level.
    Taking the black belt test is optional (examination fee during the period is 20,000 yen) Housing expenses and meals at restaurants are free during your stay.

    It is essential to understand the taste of Japan, and free tasting of Japanese food menus during the training

    *This fee is for those who have undergone WSSI restaurant training and wish to stay in Japan again and study to improve their level in a short period of time. No burden.
    Accommodation available if available

  • The purpose is to learn basic Japanese cooking knowledge and techniques.

  • Learn and master the above during normal business hours.

  • Guidance will be provided according to the individual’s skill level.

    Basically, we will provide practical instruction similar to a black belt course, such as preparing fish, training on nigiri and maki rolls, and how to use cooking utensils.

  • During the training period, students will learn the basics of Japanese food cooking and learn how to cook it at the same time.

WSSI restaurant training graduates

Jeff Ramsey
Pepi Anevsky
Pawel Kitowski
Toshihiko Ochi
Toshi Kawanami
Amano Celso Hideji
Willian Hideki
Wing Kin Samuel Cheng


Those who have passed the Sushi Knowledge Overseas Certification System exam can take the exam.

This is an exam that recognizes technicians from 5th grade to 1st grade, 1st dan (1st dan), 2nd dan, and 3rd dan, from the essential skills acquisition class to the head chef class and the instructor class.

Successful applicants will receive a sushi skill KUROOBI certificate and (from 2021) a KUROOBI badge.

KUROOBI successful applicant

Marek Hora
Alon Than
Vladimir Pak

WSS member introduction

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